Digital Weather Stations

Digital Weather Stations

Digital Weather Stations

Based on Amazon UK popularity, please see our selection of the best selling digital weather stations for 2013. Last updated September 2013.

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Under £50

ClimeMET CM9088 Digital Wireless Weather Station

The ClimeMET CM9088 Wireless Weather Station consists of a wireless sensor and an indoor display monitor. The transmission range from the wireless sensor to the base unit is 100m for optimal positioning. Among other locations, it is ideal to place this sensor in your garage, wine cellar, or greenhouse.

- Wireless Outdoor and indoor humidity (% RH) and temperature (°F or °C).
- Records min. and max. humidity Records min. and max. temperature.
- Time and date with manual setting. 12 or 24-hour time display. Time alarm with snooze
- Barometric pressure 24-hour history graph (in Hg/hPa). Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure.
- CAN ONLY RECEIVE ONE TRANSMITTER (One included). Replacement ClimeMET CM9-TH transmitter sold separately. Wall hanging or free standing.

Precise weather readings will be consistently available on the indoor and outdoor display monitor. The display monitor has a thin console that can be easily mounted on the wall or on your desktop. The display monitor gives you the option of using a chart to show the trends in barometric.

Records min. and max. humidity Records min. and max. temperature. Backlighting makes the weather station easy to view even in the dark with addional snooze option. The Estimated Weather Forecast Tendency Indicator let you know at a glance if it's going to be rainy, cloudy, or sunny based on barometric pressure trends.

DB-Tech Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Digital Weather Station

Monitors Temperature, Dew Point, Barometer and Humidity With a built-in Weather Forecast Tendency Indicator.

The outdoor sensor displays the temperature and humidity, and wirelessly transmits the temperature and humidity levels to the indoor unit. The weather station's main console displays a wide range of information in an easy-to-read format on a large LCD and can be Wall-mounted or can stand-alone with the built-in stand. The Estimated Weather Forecast Tendency Indicator let you know at a glance if it's going to be rainy, cloudy, or sunny based on barometric pressure trends. The outdoor sensor Transmits up to 330 feet.

Conrad WS-9130-IT Digital Weather Station

- Displays indoor and outdoor temperature with min./max. display
- Weather forecast with display of weather trend
- Outdoor sensor included
- Measurement range - interior temperature: -9.9 - +37.9 C
- Radio frequency: 868 MHz

Technoline WS 9632-IT Weather Station

Technotrade is the leading supplier of Weather Stations, Temperature Stations, and clocks in Germany. With experience going back for more than 20 years the company is pleased to offer its high quality range in the UK. The Technoline WS 9632 Weather Station is packed with features and comes with a Swiss Precision Turbo Long Range wireless Outside Sensor.

The outside sensor transmits, from up to 100metres from the base unit, the temperature back to the main unit. It uses radio control technology for the clock which is the most accurate way to tell the time and it automatically adjusts itself at the season time changes. It has a Time Zone setting so you can choose any setting from across Europe including GMT.

The weather station measures both indoor and outdoor temperature, with maximum and minimums, as well as indoor humidity. The main station is either wall mounted or table standing and has an indicator warning you when the battery is low.


Oregon Scientific BAR208 Wireless Weather Station

With humidity and weather alert.

- Indoor & Outdoor temperature and humidity measurement with trend
- Weather forecast with pressure trend Weather warning message
- Ice Alert with Green LED blinking indication
- Radio-controlled clock with calendar

Colour Professional Wireless Weather Station

With 7" TFT screen and digital photo frame.

- Wireless indoor outdoor weather station with 7" digital TFT display photo frame
- Wireless sensors for wind, rain, temperature, barometric weather forecast, average wind speed and direction, historical and current pressure graph
- Daily, weekly, monthly rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, calender alarm, and moon phase. INCLUDES remote control
- Photo display/weather display function. unique gift, upload Photos via USB, SD or MMc card
- Photo album supports slideshow and static format, Includes mains adaptor

Nexus Wireless Weather Station Black

- Indoor and outdoor temperature
- Humidity and rainfall quantity
- Weather forecast and storm warning
- Windchill factor
- Radio controlled clock

Equipment: thermo-hygro-sensor, wind sensor, rain sensor, CD-ROM (English/German), USB cable, power adapter 7.5 V AC/DC. Expandable up to 5 thermo-hygro-sensors.

Over £200

Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station

- Professional Style Wireless Weather Station
- Integrated Sensor Suite
- Time/Date- Moon Phase - Forecast Icons - Temperature/Humidity etc
- User Friendly Keypad
- Easy Installation

Wireless Full Weather Station Touch Screen WS3650

- Wireless Full Weather Station Touch Screen WS3650
- Features: Barometric Pressure, Barometric Graph, Indoor Temperature, Outdoor Temperature, Indoor Humidity, Outdoor Humidity, Min / Max - Readings, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Windchill, Dew Point, Rain Gauge, Touch Screen, PC Connection, Backlight
- Operating system: Windows XP or below
- Full 2 year warranty

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