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Horti Hood Cave Innovations

On our allotment we are always trying to extend the growing season, either by protective sowing in the spring, or by extending the summer by providing warm growing conditions in the autumn.

In previous years our solution has been a succession of plastic greenhouses. These have served us well over the last few years, but all have eventually ended up being recycled. Strong winds, broken zips, and plastic that has deteriorated in the sun have all contributed to their demise. You may like to see our article on the best plastic greenhouses.

Horti Hood - Plastic Greenhouse At HomeWe chose to erect our plastic greenhouses at home for convenience, but also because it gave greater protection from the weather.

Nevertheless, the location next to the garage had a number of disadvantages:

  • The plants received less sunlight as the garage itself obscured the morning sun
  • When using for germinating seedlings, we needed to transport them from home to the allotment (either by wheelbarrow or in the back of the car)

For the year ahead, we have determined to find a better way.

Horti Hood By Cave Innovations

Horti Hood At GleeBy chance, just as we were packing away our plastic greenhouse in the autumn, we stumbled across a potential solution.

Glee is the annual trade show for the garden and leisure industry, and it was there that we discovered Horti Hoods made by Cave Innovations.

Chatting to the trade representative, we were impressed by the following claims:

  • The ease of assembly
  • No zips to break!
  • Tough UV stabilised material
  • The innovative design

From our perspective the Horti Hoods also offered:

  • The ability to use our allotment to position our ‘growing houses’ (taking advantage of full sun)
  • A more durable alternative that our previous solutions

Horti Hood – First Look

The Horti Hood comes in two different sizes:

  1. Horti Hood Mini 180o
    We see this as a large cloche: height 87cm, width 135cm, depth 174cm.
  2. Horti Hood 180o
    We think the Horti Hood in photographs can look much smaller than it actually is. Our view is that it is best considered as an alternative to a greenhouse (but smaller than a polytunnel), and is significantly bigger than most standard size plastic greenhouses or tomato houses. Dimensions are: height 167cm, depth 334cm, width 250cm.

There is also a Horti Hood Mini 90o suitable for positioning against a wall – see the product on the Cave Innovations website.

Horti Hood – Videos

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Horti Hood Mini 180 (Cloche/Cold Frame Size)

Horti Hood 180 (Greenhouse Size)