100 percent full

This is something I have not achieved before. I allowed myself a moment of self congratulation at the weekend. After planting sweetcorn seedlings, I stepped back and looked at my allotment. For the first time all 150 square metres of the plot were in production. And then I smiled to myself, because despite of this, there is nearly nothing there ready to eat now! The plot is green but immature, exciting in its anticipation, waiting for the sunshine. The full list for 2012 is as follows: 

1 apple tree
8 gooseberry bushes
5 blackcurrant bushes
5 redcurrant bushes
2 white currant bushes
1 tayberry bush
1 area for rhubarb
2 courgette plants
3 lines of potatoes
4 rows of garlic
6 rows of onions
4 rows of strawberries
2 wigwams of peas
2 rows of beetroot
2 rows of lettuce
2 rows of runner beans
2 rows of broad beans
3 rows of parsnips
1 cabbage patch (shown in picture)
1 butternut squash plant
1 sweetcorn square
2 rows of summer raspberries 

As I write this it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and excitement. I also recognise the backache as I sit in my chair after five hours of allotmenting on Saturday. The work will enter a new phase with the start of summer. One of constant weeding, especially so with the current weather.
But also the time to get busy with the watering cans. And my favourite one is shown in the picture below, standing on a brick to achieve good reception – entertaining me whilst I ate my picnic lunch on Saturday.


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