Overwintering Broad Bean Trial

Overwintering Broad Bean Trial - 2nd February

Since planting our broad beans in October, the weather has been relatively warm, very windy, and above everything else wet. (Click to see our introduction to our broad bean trial here.)

Our February inspection of the three varieties growing on our plot has been surprising – in a good way. Our plot sits above very sandy soil, and thankfully the soil has remained unsaturated – despite the rivers, ditches, and streams all around us being in flood.

In fact, the biggest concern is not the health of our broad beans but the strong growth of weeds all around them. The relatively warm weather is helping our broad beans to grow – and the weeds too. I cannot remember needing to hoe away the weeds before in early February.

Results To Date

We planted an equal number of seeds for all varieties in the test. The current results are shown below:

Aquadulce Claudia

Luz De Otono

De Monica









So congratulations to De Monica! De Monica is still leading our trial both in terms of number of plants and in size. We await to see what would happen in a period of very cold weather, but to date the variety seems to be doing very well.

Aquadulce Claudia is looking noticeably weaker than the other two varieties. It is the only variety to have lost a plant since germination. There are also a couple of plants that seem to have suffered in the weather. Neither of the other two varieties have shown any such problems.

Overwintering Broad Bean Trial - Damaged Plant 2nd February

Broad Bean Varieties

These varieties have been selected from the range of Suttons Seeds. You may like to see all their broad bean varieties here.

Overwintering Broadbeans - Aquadulce Claudia

Aquadulce Claudia

A traditional variety that has been used for autumn sowing all over the UK for generations. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.
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Overwintering Broadbeans - Luz de Otono

Luz de Otono

A vigorous bean with good cold resistance suitable for overwintering.
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Overwintering Broadbeans - Robin Hood

Robin Hood

How about growing broad beans on the patio? Have a spare pot or two after the summer flowers?
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Overwintering Broadbeans - De Monica

De Monica

Early maturing variety with long pods. Grows well in low light conditions.
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