How To Prune Tomatoes

When it comes to how to prune tomatoes, there are two general types of tomato plants. Ones that grow upwards with a central stem, called indeterminate tomatoes that need pruning, and bush or tumbling varieties that don’t need pruning.

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Apart from checking the seed packet, if your tomato plants looks like the one shown, pruning the plant is a good idea.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Indeterminate Type

This will concentrate the plant’s energy into fruit production, rather than making new stems and leaves.

Determinate varieties, like many cherry and tumbling types, do not need pruning and naturally form a round bush shape. If you were to prune you would significantly reduce the tomato harvest.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Determinate Type

There are two main types of stems to look out for when starting to prune tomatoes. The first are the suckers that grow at the elbow of the main stem and a side branch. These are easy to pinch out with your fingers or scissors.

The second are suckers, or runners, that grow up from the base of the plant. I find these easy to miss due to concentrating more at the top of the plant. These runners can grow very quickly, and are easy to identify by their vertical growth habit. They can be easily cut off or snapped off.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Runners

Once you have started to prune your plants, it is easy to spot the difference between the suckers and the actual fruit clusters, or trusses. These trusses do not typically form at the stem and branch elbow, but spring out from a straight section of stem. If there is any doubt, simply leave them on the plant and see if they form flowers or leaves.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Flower Truss

Unfortunately the British summer only lasts so long, whilst a tomato plant will continue to grow upwards and onwards creating new stems and leaves. For this reason, around August and providing you have six or seven flower trusses, it may be worth cutting out the growing tips of the plants. This will divert the energy into the remaining fruit.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Growing Tip

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, you will need to support indeterminate tomatoes. What look like thick stems soon topple over with the weight of the growing fruit.

How To Prune Tomatoes - Supporting

The resulting tomato plants should look much neater after pruning, and if growing in pots, pruning this way will also allow you to group your plants closer together, making better use of space.

Although it is possible to grow tomatoes outdoors in a sunny situation, it is easiest to grow them inside a greenhouse, polytunnel, or plastic greenhouse. The following articles may be of interest:

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