Steel Drums For An Allotment?

Steel Painted Blue Drum

Need A Drum For Your Allotment?

Grapes2Wine have let us know that they have a number of clean steel painted blue drums available, all with resealable lids.

The drums have previously been used to transport wine juice. The juice is actually shipped within foil plastic lined bags within the drums (so the drums themselves remain clean – their purpose is protection of the wine bags).

Grapes2Wine have suggested they may be useful for:

  • Storage
  • Water storage
  • BBQs / Incinerators (may need to punch holes in them)
  • Prize parsnip growing
  • etc

Potentially as many uses as an allomenter can think of! If you are interested in getting hold of the drums, the asking price is £15 / drum plus £6 postage.

All enquiries should be addressed to: