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My posts about growing fruit and veg on my allotment.

Chilly day at the allotment

It was freezing yesterday.  The good news is that having missed three weeks at the allotment,  with commitments one weekend and flu the other,  the cold weather has stopped all weeds growing and I found the plot exactly as I left it.  And even better,  I could get stuck in and dig up the remaining […]

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Sponsor an allotment – Oxfam

I think this is a great idea ! it provides the materials for a family,  not financially well off,  to plant an allotment.  If successful it will enable the family to feed themselves and provide a surplus that can be used to sell / barter for other stuff.  From my experience,  the task of […]

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What’s the best water to drink

Common sense advice (perhaps not the part about soda).  Forcing to drink water has never worked for me when I’ve run,  although I always drink before I do to make sure I’m not dehydrated before I set off. But at the allotment, every plant needs a different amount !…

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