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River Thames In Flood

January Flooding

For many parts of the country – and our allotment included – January has not been a good month to work on the allotment. The rivers are as high as they have been for twenty years in our area, and still slowly rising. What opportunity does the exceptionally wet weather give? Firstly, there are a […]

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Welcome to 2014 Picture

Welcome to 2014!

The turn of the year is always a good time to make plans for the new. For many allotmenters supporting a slightly larger tummy, recovering in the warmth of indoors after a year of hard gardening, there will inevitably be thoughts of whether another year’s effort is worth it. Mixed up in this thinking is […]

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Time to plant fruit?

It’s a pleasure going to the allotment at the moment. When taking a stroll down the country lane I feel only the chill of the late autumn air on my face. My body does not ache in anticipation of a hectic three hour stint weeding / planting / pruning. On arrival I see the plot […]

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Bring on the puddings!

Summer has officially started. The weather hasn’t recognised the change, but thankfully the strawberries have. How do they do it? With almost perfect timing my allotment crop has matured at the same time as the summer solstice. I appreciate that they would be able to harmonise with the longer days and the cycle of the […]

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100 percent full

This is something I have not achieved before. I allowed myself a moment of self congratulation at the weekend. After planting sweetcorn seedlings, I stepped back and looked at my allotment. For the first time all 150 square metres of the plot were in production. And then I smiled to myself, because despite of this, […]

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Blackcurrants feeling a little green

The picture is of one of my blackcurrant bushes in the cross-channel ferry position, my reference to less than preferable crossings I’ve endured in choppy seas, ie lying down and feeling a little green. In truth the blackcurrant bushes, and in particular their nets, have been the only real casualty so far. The strong winds […]

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A new Attraction

I love growing cabbage. I think it’s the satisfaction of seeing such big, strong, proud standing plants standing tall at the end of summer. I have cabbage envy at the allotment. Some of my neighbours are excellent at growing cabbages. On some plots there are rows of them, with wide green leaves – almost petal […]

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The tingling anticipation for gooseberries

It’s one of the most exciting times of year down at the allotment. Having space for growing gooseberries was one of my main motivations for taking on an allotment. When I was young I remember a few bushes at the end of our family garden. Their prickles were ferocious and I remember my forearms criss-crossed […]

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Dandelion Summer

What grows well in cold wet soil? At my allotment not very much. I have that November feeling. Not only the self preservation instinct to reach for hat and gloves before going outside, but also the feeling of sadness that comes with the end of the growing season – seeing hard work succumb to winter […]

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