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Bottle Top Waterers - Prepared For Use

Bottle Top Watering Spikes Review

Bottle top watering spikes drip water out of their spike to water plants. Depending on the make of bottle top waterers, they are compatible with most (but not all) brands of water bottles sold in our shops. The main benefits of bottle top waterers are as follows: How To Use Bottle Top Watering Spikes Not […]

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Rotating Composter - 220L

Introduction To Rotating Composters

A rotating composter can make ready to use compost in under 8 weeks. Read on to see our introduction to making compost in a compost tumbler. You may also like to see our guide to making compost here. Review Of Rotating Composters Rotating composters make compost faster that traditional compost bins. This is because they […]

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Allotment Watering

Allotmenting Watering

Ten Allotment Watering Tips It does not take a long period of hot weather to make an allotmenter become fed up with watering! Hot weather can be taking its toll, forcing the keen allotmenter to relentlessly, tirelessly, and willingly lug heavy watering cans round their plot several times a week, whilst covered in sweat and […]

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Water Butt Accessories - Waterbutts

Water Butt Accessories

Sunshine? At last! Water butts can now come into their own! It may be unlikely that there will be a hose pipe ban this year, but water butts can help the keen gardener feel better and less guilty about using so much water to take care of their garden. It is highly unlikely the stored […]

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Fruit And Vegetable Cages - Strawberries

Fruit And Vegetable Cages

For many allotmenters, the purpose of growing fruit and vegetables is the joy of knowing that the food you grow is healthy and free from chemicals, but also to save money. Without using netting there is a risk of losing your hard work (see this article on the types of allotment netting), but investing in […]

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Weed Control Fabric

  Lifespan Of Weed Control Fabric Have you finished with your weed control fabric and can’t think of another use for it? You may be thinking of burning it…but, deep down, you realise that’s not very environmentally friendly. Instead, we’ve come up with some suggestions on how to repurpose it to get the maximum lifespan […]

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Allotment Netting

Allotment Netting

Allotment netting can prove to be one of the best investments to make on a plot. Without it, all the effort spent growing fruit and vegetables may result in happy insects, birds, and animals. The temptation is to leave erecting allotment netting late, and perhaps, only if there is evidence of attack. The truth is birds […]

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Allotment Grass Cutting - Overgrown Grass

Allotment Grass Cutting

Allotment Grass Cutting There are always tasks on an allotment that get done before cutting grass. Seed germination, potting on, bed preparation, weeding, pruning, watering, and harvesting to name only a few. After all, allotmenters want to grow things, and allotment grass cutting simply takes time away from doing this. Given all the above, it […]

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Grow Tunnel Polytunnel

A grow tunnel polytunnel can help a gardener get going earlier in the growing season, grow healthier plants, and extend the growing season into late Autumn. Grow tunnel polytunnels are also increasingly affordable with many models around the £10 mark or under. See Grow tunnels on Amazon UK. Grow Tunnel Polytunnel Buying Considerations Grow tunnel […]

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Cheap Wheelbarrow

Cheap Wheelbarrows

  Cheap Wheelbarrow A cheap wheelbarrow is not cheap if it needs to be bought frequently! Although we might aspire to a Jackson professional builders wheelbarrow, the truth is I know very few people prepared to invest a significant amount of money in a wheelbarrow especially if it is to be stored on an allotment. Apart […]

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