Allotment Recipe Books

Allotment Recipe Books

Allotment Recipe Books

Listed below is our selection of allotment recipe books for 2014. (Last updated June 2014).

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Weber's Complete Barbecue Book

Jamie Purviance. See reviews on Amazon UK.
This comprehensive guide shows you how to cook food the Weber way to get the most from your grill throughout the year, and contains everything the avid barbecue enthusiast needs to know. Enjoy over 150 delicious triple-tested recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruit, as well as invaluable ideas for rubs, marinades and sauces.

You will also find expert answers to common questions about barbecuing, plus tips and advice on safety, upkeep, fuel and lighting methods.From simple kebabs to elaborate rotisseries, a grilled cheese salad or a tasty fruit pudding, Weber's Complete Barbecue Book is packed with an extensive range of delicious recipes for all-year-round barbecuing.

Tender Volum 1, A Cook & His Vegetable Patch

Nigel Slater. See reviews on Amazon UK.

An allotment recipe book (or garden cook book!) that contains over 400 recipes narrated in the distinctive style of Nigel Slater. The book puts vegetables as the star ingredients in the recipes, whether eaten on their own or to complement meat or fish.

It includes recipes such as crab cakes and crushed peas to broccoli and lamb stir-fry, luxury cauliflower cheese to a delicious broad bean salad etc.

Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook

Sarah Raven. See reviews on Amazon UK.

This is the ultimate all-in-one reference for anyone who orders a fruit or vegetable box, is a regular at a farmers' market or simply dreams of a life filled with good quality food.

Taking us through the year in six seasonal chunks of two months each, Gardener's World presenter Sarah Raven introduces us to the best vegetables, fruit and herbs grown in the UK. For each one, there are hosts of simple yet inspiring recipes - over 450 in all - ranging from Warm broad bean salad to Green mayonnaise; Spinach and Gruyere tart to Mint and pea tip risotto; Sweet potato gratin to Celeriac souffle; and Basil ice cream to Damson and almond pudding.

Tender Volume 2, A Cook's Guide To The Fruit Garden

Nigel Slater. See reviews on Amazon UK.

The books aims to be the definitive guide to cooking fruit. It contains over 300 recipes and anecdotes in the inimitable voice of Nigel Slater, based on his personal experience of growing fruit in his garden.

Examples include cakes, pastries, jams and complements.

The Hedgerow Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for Wild Food

Ginny Knox & Caro Wilson. See reviews on Amazon UK.

Harvesting your own produce from the hedgerows, meadows and woods rather than just ordering food online from the supermarket is all the rage with both town dwellers and countryfolk. The joy of turning nature's bounty into delicious produce to enjoy with the family or to use to make a lovely gift is being rediscovered in kitchens across the country.

This book will show you how easy it is to use your 'harvest' in lots of different ways: fed up with just making jam? then why not try fruit leather, cheese, rose petal syrup, or a wickedly alcoholic drink instead. The book covers FLOWERS & HIPS (elderflowers, dandelions and wild roses); LEAVES (wild garlic, wild sorrel, nettles, samphire, dandelions).BERRIES (wild strawberries, blackberries, wild raspberries, bilberries,elderberries, rowan berries, berry mixtures); FRUIT WITH STONES (wild cherries, wild plums and damsons, sloes); FRUIT WITH PIPS (crab apples, quinces, medlars); and NUTS (hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts).

Kitchen Garden Experts

Raymond Blanc (Foreword) Cinead McTernan (Author). See reviews on Amazon UK.

Kitchen Garden Experts features the chefs and gardeners at twenty of the UK’s most exciting restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafes, focussing on how they produce the best fruit and vegetables to appear on their menus..

The River Cottage Cookbook

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. See reviews on Amazon UK.

More than just a collection of Hugh's recipes, this book is a witty, practical guide to the River Cottage lifestyle from Channel 4's iconoclastic back-to-basics chef. Includes tips on how best to buy organic produce and, for the more adventurous, advice on rearing your own meat, growing your own vegetables, and tapping into the free wild harvest.

‘How much of this book you incorporate into your life is up to you. But if all you do is grow a few herbs in a window box, make nettle soup once a year, and try a free-range goose for Christmas instead of a frozen turkey, you will already, I hope, be enjoying your life more.’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

With over one hundred recipes and Simon Wheeler’s acclaimed photography, The River Cottage Cookbook has been a hugely influential and original book, appealing to all downshifters and those who prefer their food to be full-blooded and wholesome. The River Cottage Cookbook has won the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year Award, the Guild of Food Writers’ Michael Smith Award and the Glenfiddich Trophy and Food Book of the Year.

Moro East

Samuel Clark & Samantha Clark. See reviews on Amazon UK.

In Moro East, Sam and Sam Clark renew their passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean, but this time they find their inspiration a little closer to home ... in an East End allotment.

Bordered by the River Lea and the Grand Union Canal, on its own little island, Manor Garden allotments may seem a world away from Moorish Spain or Morocco. However, once beyond the gates, you are transported to the Eastern Mediterranean by a community of Turks and Cypriots who cultivate and cook an extraordinary range of ingredients, many of which are integral to the food served at Moro. It is here that Sam and Sam took on their very first allotment.

Moro East follows a year in the life of this East End allotment, reflected in recipes that are unusual without being daunting. Many of the recipes reflect everyday activities at the allotment - Turkish women rolling flatbreads or clipping the young vine leaves to make dolmades, families gathering to grill kebabs at the weekend - and the spirit of the community is captured in the photographs and the dishes.

The 150 imaginative and seasonal recipes include Moro favourites and new combinations such as Pigeon salad with figs, chickpeas and pomegranate molasses, Tortilla with onion tops, and Courgette and yoghurt soup. This character-filled allotment was bulldozed in 2007 to make way for the 2012 Olympics making Moro East a true treasure, documenting the last ever growing season for Sam and Sam and the unique men and women of Manor Garden allotments.

I Can Cook from the Garden

Kate Morris, Sally Brown, & Martyn Cox. See reviews on Amazon UK.

Series 3 of the popular CBeebies' series i can cook will increasingly connect children with where their food comes from. Kids will learn how to grow and cook food through focused recipe features - the key ingredients will be spotlighted with interesting facts that allows the children to discover where and how that item grows. Even with all the useful and fun gardening tips, this book is first and foremost a recipe book - but is creatively structured around ingredients and how to grow them.

There are instructions for planting seeds, nurturing crops and harvesting, as well as recipes for using those foods in finished dishes. With a range of crops detailed, children will be shown how to grow simple herbs in household pots and larger plants, like tomatoes and broccoli, in the back garden. Children will learn about the whole growing process - from planting seeds, watching them sprout and unearthing home-grown vegetables.

Allotment Cookbook Through the Year

Caroline Bretherton. See reviews on Amazon UK.

200 simple recipes using the produce from your plot.

The Allotment Cookbook Through the Year is the recipe book for those gardeners that would like to know how to cook delicious seasonal dishes to help make the most of their home-grown produce. Featuring over 200 recipes for popular crops such as apples, berries and herbs, this is packed with imaginative and inspiring ideas to turn your produce into healthy, fresh meals. Including techniques and expert advice to help you harvest, preserve and prepare your crops successfully, this is the perfect veg-grower's kitchen companion.

See best selling allotment recipe books on Amazon UK.